The Offshore Advantage
Offshore yachts are designed and built with an attention to detail that is remarkable. The more you know about boats the more you'll appreciate Offshore's demanding standards of quality. It's not until you've made a difficult passage in rough seas that you will truly appreciate Offshore's maxim "The softest ride on the water." This isn't just an advertising slogan; it is the result of superior design translating directly into increased comfort, safety, and value. Details like recessed hull portlights, molded side-deck overheads, and fully finished, deck-hatch undersides tell the knowledgeable buyer a lot about the level of craftsmanship that has gone into every Offshore. These are yachts that invite comparison with other well known brands, some of which cost hundreds of thousands more but still don't measure up to Offshore's standards. Take a close look at an Offshore and the features that place it at the top of its class.

Solid Integrity
Offshore yachts are built using the latest technology in band-laminated and uni- and bi-directional materials. Core cells above the waterline, vacuum bagging, and vinylester laminates ensure maximum osmosis protection. Four full-length stringers and multiple athwartship frames are laminated and bonded for incredible strength and stiffness. Massive, welded, stainless engine beds provide great strength with minimal vibration. An amazingly strong hull-to-deck joint combines with a structural, upper rub-rail to give the Offshore unparalleled strength where it is needed. Whenever you head out to sea, you have the confidence that comes from knowing your Offshore is built the way it should be.

Details, Details, Details
All Offshores feature a wealth of carefully considered details. For example, covered walk-around decks provide maximum safety and comfort. Window frames, doors, and hatches made of gel-coated fiberglass never corrode or rot. Other details are less obvious. For instance, the boat deck is internally drained to the waterline, keeping the lower decks free of run-off. Safety is enhanced by the provision of two exits from each area of the boat. Detail after detail shows the meticulous care taken in the design and construction of the Offshore yacht.

The Offshore Hull Design
Offshore hulls feature a generous beam and finely-veed, deep forefoot tapering to a 12-degree deadrise at the transom. This design produces a hull that is quick to get on plane and knifes cleanly through waves and chop throughout the speed range. A long shallow keel, low center of gravity, and substantial displacement result in a gentle easy motion with excellent directional stability and boat handling characteristics in virtually any sea condition. These are design features insisted upon by experienced yachtspeople.