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From the Flybridge
by John Olson

The Avalon Casino under construction in 1928.
See our Not So Serious History of Catalina in this issue.

Describing a cruise with one of our Offshore owners, Jeff Kohlhaas of Sea Wide Marine reminds us of something we knew but need to be reminded of now and then. In a separate article included in this issue, Jeff writes about the substantial number of cruising Offshores he saw during a recent voyage in the Pacific Northwest: “We saw five or six other Offshores on the trip, which only reinforced my belief that Offshore owners use their boats as much or more than any other group of owners.”


Let’s put that statement into perspective. Offshore is a limited run, semi-custom manufacturer. Relative to the production of many other boat builders, there just aren’t that many Offshores in existence. To date, none of our model lines have ever exceeded 100 boats. Our most recently completed Offshore, a 62 Pilothouse now commissioning here in Newport Beach, is only hull number 96. And the 62 is one of our older and most popular models.


So, despite our modest numbers, despite the exclusivity of the Offshore owners club, you see them out there, cruising, all the time. Why? Because Offshore owners are avid cruisers who love their boats. Love being on them, love using them, love the ride smoothness, love sharing them with friends and family, and, we have to say, love their safety and dependability.


And that’s why so many of our owners are two- and even three-time Offshore owners. It’s also why we’ve done pretty well in this latest economic unpleasantness. Brokerage sales of Offshores have been good throughout the last two years, and right now, we have the new, aforementioned 62 undergoing commissioning, and a new sold 64 on its way soon. Another sold 64 was recently delivered and is now cruising. Interest is strong, we continue to market our new and used boats vigorously, our new office in Florida is in the black, and today’s prices are often in the bargain zone.


On the subject of bargain prices, talk to us about the deals we’re currently offering on our two new, in-stock Offshores ─ a 76 Pilothouse (hull# 76028) and a 64 Voyager (hull# 64002). The combined discounts and allowances are impressive to say the least. And, as an added enticement, we a currently doing a partial interior décor on #64002, which includes main deck carpet, seat cushions, throw pillows, and roman shade window treatments. The installation is being done by Argonautica, the design firm currently doing the interior of Billy Joel’s latest yacht (so we feel we are in good hands).


We are also represented at a lot more boat shows than we used to be. Partly this is due to the opening of our Florida office, partly it’s due to the expansion of our authorized sales area from West Coast to the Solar System (excepting Australia), and partly it’s due to our belief that it’s just a good idea from a marketing, visibility standpoint. On this topic, the Lido Boat Show here in Newport Beach is coming up soon: September 24 to 27. Be there or be square.


Still, there are a few concessions to the less than stellar health of the economy. This year, in honor of the new normal of reduced expectations, we are having a somewhat downsized, pre-shrunk owner get-together. This year, what would ordinarily be referred to as our annual Offshore Rendezvous will be our first (and hopefully last) annual Offshore BBQ. The emphasis will be on fun, frolic, food, and the Offshore family out on the beach at Catalina Island (September 17). It won’t be an extravaganza, but we are sure the fun quotient will come in at its usual elevated level.


We hope you enjoy this latest issue of Offshore Currents. We’ve been sending it out biannually for over ten years now, and it’s always a pleasure to bring it to you.